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  6m BBQs:P  
  Archived Technology Watch   G3WOS's 2004 6m BBQ  

Construction projects:

An 8877 6m / 50MHz DXpedition amplifier   G3WOS' 2005 6m BBQ  
A solid-state 450 watt 50MHz 6m amplifier   Jimmy, W6JKV's 1998 BBQ in Austin, Texas  
K5AND's8877 'Lite' 50MHz Amplifier   Austin, Texas, W6JKV's BBQ Sep. 2002  
GJ4ICD's 8877 6m amplifier   Overview of power splitters  
N6AMG's Experimental Solid-State
Kilowatt Linear Amplifier for 6
  Animations of the 2005 6M Es propagation  
Japanese garden project, 2002     UK All time countries worked on 6m  
Japanese Teahouse project, 2003  

ZD8SIX on Ascension
G3WOS EME QSOs          

6m DXpeditions:

ZD8SIX on Ascension, November 2000   VP8DBL in the Falkland Islands, April 2000  

Chris's travel photos:

Thumbs/tn_Dsc01649.jpg   Japan, July 2002   Thumbs/tn_Dsc01485.jpg Hong Kong, June 2002  
Thumbs/tn_Dsc01433.jpg Singapore, June 2002   Falkland Islands, November 2001  
Thumbs/tn_Dsc00213.jpg Santa Pod Drag Racing, August 2001   W6JKV & K6MYC's Oct. 1999 Trip to St Lucia  
Sydney in December 1997   Japan in October 1997  
Egypt in April 1997          

6m RealAudio Interviews

  Interviews with the personalities of 6m          

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