G3WOS's Trip to Japan - Oct. 1997

In the middle of October I spend a very happy few days in Tokyo where I was excellently entertained by many top Japanese 6m DXers. It was a trip I will remember for a long time.

Thank you guys!

On Thursday 16th October I was taken out to dinner by the following DXers. It was a super meal. I was even congratulated about my skills in eating tofu with chopsticks!.

L-R: Hiro-JR1AVL, Leo-JI1DLZ, Hatsuo, JA1VOK, Yasu-JE1TGN,
Han-JE1BMJ, Hisa-JK1FVP, Jun-ichi-JR3HED and Kazu-JA1RJU

Hatsau-JA1VOK and Chris-G3WOS
in the bar at the Okura Hotel

Kazu-JA1RJU's Antenna  
Han, JE1BMJ who did all the organising.
Thanks Han!
Leos' QSL card. You can see he likes beer!
Jun-ichi-JR3HED's new QSL card

It was a great trip and I look forward to taking the next 13 hour flight to Tokyo.