Jimmy,W6JKV & Mike, K6MYC's Oct. 1999 Trip to J6
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Helen and myself (Chris, G3WOS) decided to visit Jimmy, W6JKV and Mike, K6MYC in St Lucia during his October 1999 DXpedition to St Lucia. It turned out to be rather eventful! Jimmy offered to pick us up from the airport in Castries. Unfortunately, we 'slipped' into a ditch on the way back to the house in the Cap Estate on the north end of the island! Of course, I put this down to Jimmy being an American and not used to driving on the left-hand side of a road...
Jimmy's 'M2 'JKV 6m antenna doing it's job on the villa roof.

Pointing to the moon for an abortive moonbounce sked with Bob K6QXY (the one and only birdy was on .041 the frequency selected for the sked!). Oh dear...
Jimmy at the rig, intensely concentrating as usual.
I wish I could right the log with my left hand while keying with the right!
Now, this is a beast! Mike's, 2m EME antenna!
Yep, it WAS pointing at the moon!
A very impressive array, I didn't realise how much it wobbled in the wind!
Mike at the key.