Current writings
 The demise of ATM
 Where now frame relay?
Carrier Networks
 The phenomenon of Ipsilon
The rise and maturity of MPLS
 The limitations of the Internet
 Traffic Engineering and MPLS-TE
 PCE: IETF's hidden jewel
 GMPLS and common control
 The new network dogma
 Optimum Communications Services:
inally a way out of the zero-sum game?

 The tale of DOCSIS
 IPv6 to the rescue - eh?

Optical networks

 SDH, the great survivor
 Making SDH, DWDM packet friendly

 PONs are anything but passive

 Ethernet goes carrier grade
 PBT - PBB-TE or will it be T-MPLS?
 Enabling PBB-TE and MPLS services

 The Bluetooth standards maze
 Mobile apps: Java doesnít cut the mustard?
 GSM pico cell's moment of fame
 WAP, GPRS, HSPDA on the move!
payforit on your mobile
 Content transcoding hits mobiles
Applications and services
 Location based services
 The magic of 'presence'
 Colo crisis for the UK?
IP Multimedia Subsystem or bust!
sip, Sip, SIP - Gulp!
 The curse of BPL
 Do you know your ENUM?
Company overviews
Aria shows the optimal path
 Azea upgrading submarine cables
 iotumís Talk-Now is now available!
 The insistent beat of Netronome!
 Nexagent, an enigmatic company?
 Optimum Communications Services:
inally a way out of the zero-sum game?

 Revector, detecting the
     dark side of VoIP

 Sharedband: not enough bandwidth?
The Cloud hotspotting the planet

Archived '92/3 writings
Network Technologies
 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
 Fibre Optic Cables
 Frame Relay (FR)
 The Magic of Intelligent Networks
 Photonics & the Future of Fibre
 Copper Local loop Defunct? (DSL)
Internet - A tutorial

 Spread Spectrum Radio
 Low Earth Orbit satellites (LEOs)
 GSM Digital Cellular Radio
 Cordless Digital Telephony
 Mobile Data

Computer Technologies
 Image & video compression
 Data Cryptography
 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
 The Coming of NT
 Video on Demand (VoD)

Other Technologies
 Fraud, smartcards, & biometrics
 Speech recognition

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