HT Capacitor Board Layout

One of the main sub assemblies in the amplifier is the HT capacitor board. The dimensions of the board can be found here - The board layout drawing. The circuit diagram may be found here.

The SRPB HT capacitor Board

The HT capacitor board is cut from a piece of RS 1/8" insulating SRPB board. The holes are drilled in it to allow passage of air over the 10 47k capacitor voltage equalising resistors. The board holds 10 220 microfarad 450v electrolytic capacitors.

Board with capacitors mounted

Board with capacitors mounted

The assembled HT capacitor board

The assembled board is mounted on 20mm M3 pillars and screwed to the side of the case in front of the vent holes. The 5mm holes drilled in the board provide airflow over the equalising resisistors.