[Not] Living with 6m/50MHz interference!
by Chris G3WOS

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Maybe I have had bad luck with regard to the number of interference problems that I have had to suffer while operating on 6M over the last few decades. But I have a shrewd suspicion my situation is little different to many amateurs trying to pursue their hobby while living in heavily built-up areas.

Not only have I sometimes caused interference to neighbouring (and not so neighbouring) television receivers, so called Hi-Hi and telephones but I have suffered from S9+ l0dB wide-band hash that is semi-permanent at several points of the compass, mysterious carriers that usually reside 50.1 10 MHz, plus the usual selection of beeps and whistles that usually derive from unscreened personal computers and the like. This interference has caused me to miss much DX because of an inability to hear weak stations.

As you will read on this web site , I have committed a not inconsiderable amount of time to reduce interference which could have been better spent but it has proved to be very worthwhile with many major problems cleared up.

I have taken a very hands-on pro-active approach to each case and I would NOT recommend that other amateurs tackle equivalent problems in a similar way unless they are very confident about their negotiation and technical abilities and understand some of the possible consequences of their actions.

If you decide to go ahead - good luck!

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You can find more information about how to tackle interference cases on the RSGB site.

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