Other 6m Amplifiers on the web

Here are links to other known high-power 6m amplifiers on the web. Let me know if come across any other interesting sites.

A Compact 8877 50MHz Amplifier by GJ4ICD
3 x GI6b 6m Amplifier by JH0WJF
50MHz QRO Amplifier by YU1AW
GS35B 6m Amplifier by K7CW
50MHz GS-35 PA by K8CU
50 MHz GS35b Power Amplifier by OZ1DPR
GM3WOJ 50MHz 8877 amplifier page
WD7S Productions
Six-Meter Linear Amplifier - W8ZR
GS35B 50Mhz amplifier by G0RUZ
6m amplifier with 2x Gi7b by 9A3MR
A Solid State 450 Watt 6m Amplifier by G3WOS

K8CU's 1.5KW 6m Low Pass Filter