The Case Design

I decided from the outset that I was going to get a case professionally manufactured as I wanted a professional job done. I originally designed the case using 16 gauge sheet aluminium held together by 1cm x 1cm angle aluminium and cinch nuts pretty much like that used by WD7S in his gallery. I soon gave up this design methodology after approaching many engineering shops. The design required too much hand crafting and the quotes were out of this world! (I still have designs based on this approach if anyone wants a copy.)

Several companies suggested that I needed to reduce the parts count by using bent aluminium sheet for the outer case and internal floors. I quickly redesigned the case along these lines and eventually found a local engineering firm that would make me a case at a realistic price - though I had to shop around It turned out I got an even better price when I ordered three - the extra two going to G4ZSS and G4CCZ.

All the 2mm aluminium panels were held together using cinch nuts and M3 x 6mm countersunk stainless steel screws. The resulting case was really well made as it a CNC machine was programmed for the holes and it was bent on a computer-controlled machine! You can see photos of the case here. I would not like to make this myself! ADD still have the design so if you want to buy a case...

The actual plans

The ADD Precision, the guys that made the case
- thanks, you did a fantastic job!